New Plan for Immigration

Edited by Elspeth Guild, Nicolette Busuttil, Maja Grundler and Andrew Pitt (Queen Mary University of London)


On 24 March 2021, the UK Home Office launched a consultation process to receive input from stakeholders and the public on its proposed New Plan for Immigration. The stated objective of the New Plan is three-fold:


    1. To increase the fairness and efficacy of the UK system so that it can better protect and support those in genuine need of asylum;
    2. To deter illegal entry into the UK, thereby breaking the business model of criminal trafficking networks and protecting the lives of those they endanger;
    3. To remove more easily from the UK those with no right to be present.

This blog series is designed to provide an opportunity for academics who are working specifically on issues of UK immigration and asylum law to share their knowledge and expertise on the subjects raised in the Plan for the purpose of informing the consultation process. In the blogs which follow, we seek to provide academic knowledge relevant to informing public policy and decision making as regards what kind of immigration and asylum system the UK should adopt, now that it is no longer participating in the EU’s systems.



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